|Webinar| Analysing Job and Public Health Benefits from Clean Energy Policy Choices: Lessons for Bangladesh and Beyond

17 Jul, 2017  


Policies that mitigate the effects of climate change are often considered to be at odds with other economic development goals and objectives, especially for developing countries. This is because goals which promote domestic economic growth, enhance energy security and improve public health are usually assumed to be at variance with those that help reduce greenhouse gases and promote clean energy development. This webinar will show that clean energy policies can actually be a powerful opportunity to drive job growth as well as improve air quality and human health, a growing concern in large and densely populated Asian cities.


The webinar will highlight the findings of a detailed modelling analysis that looks at short-term and long-term job and health benefits associated with cost-effective clean energy policy choices in Bangladesh. It will help to dispel the myth that clean energy policies are unaffordable for developing countries by showing they can be cost competitive with conventional fossil-based generation at the margin while demonstrating how clean and renewable energy can also provide additional domestic jobs and health benefits that are equally vital for developing countries. It will also draw implications for countries in the region and explain how the analysis can be replicated by other countries.

Featured Speaker

Dr. Bansari Saha. Senior Economist,  ICF

Dr. Saha is a senior economist at ICF supporting public and private sector clients understand the economic effects of public policy decision-making. His expertise lies in the intersection of energy and environmental issues and studying the economic and distributional impacts of policies that attempt to find an optimal balance between the two.  Dr. Saha has worked extensively on international economic development issues, particularly for developing countries in Asia. He supports both US and global clients understand the benefits of clean energy based economic development. He is also an expert on market-based energy policies and has been studying the analytical underpinnings of societal costs and benefits of such policies and the distributional and competitiveness impacts on affected sectors.  Dr. Saha holds a Ph.D. in Economics and lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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