Enabling Private Sector Clean Energy Investment in Southeast and South Asia

27 Mar, 2017 - 28 Mar, 2017 Bangkok

The growth in manufacturing, industry, and services sectors in Southeast and South Asia is driving increased energy demand. Many companies in the region have ambitious, near-term clean energy targets, but they face significant economic, structural, and social challenges to achieving these goals.


Representatives from leading corporations, manufacturers, and governments discussed emerging strategies and near-term opportunities to achieve clean energy goals in Asia. On day one, participants showcased corporate clean energy goals, explored country policies to enable private investment, shared successful examples of large-scale corporate renewable energy procurement, and engaged in peer-to-peer learning on emerging approaches. Day two featured dual tracks for private and public sector leaders, with interactive sessions to develop actionable energy strategies that enable corporations to meet their sustainability goals as cost-effectively as possible.

Summary of the Workshop

On March 27-28, 2017, 87 leading private sector and government representatives attended the regional workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, to discuss near-term opportunities to scale up clean energy (CE) investment in the region. At the meeting, corporate leaders showcased their companies’ commitments to CE, globally and in the Asia region, that are building momentum for a CE economy. Participants also engaged in peer learning on emerging strategies to implement large-scale CE development and procurement in Asia.

Executives from leading Asian, American, and European corporations and government officials from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and the United States who represented stakeholder groups at the meeting, committed to take action within their organization based on momentum from the workshop. The workshop report for this event is now ready for download. A high-level summary of private sector recommendations that was used to supplement this report can also be accessed here.


  • Leading corporations that have clean energy targets and a manufacturing footprint in Asia, their factory owners, and their Asia-based teams responsible for project development and energy procurement
  • Project developers, banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies active in developing business and financing models for renewable energy
  • Officials from countries in Southeast and South Asia committed to mobilizing private investment for clean energy development
  • Donors and development partner organizations that can help unlock private capital for clean energy

Sharing best practices, this two-day meeting resulted in “Buyers’ Principles” policy recommendations for clean energy investment in key Asian markets – including India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam – and identification of opportunities to aggregate corporate demand into bankable deals for financing solar, energy efficiency upgrades, and other clean energy solutions at scale.

This meeting was convened by the Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Partnership; United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment and Resilience (CEADIR) activity; Allotrope Partners; World Resources Institute (WRI); National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL); and Private Financing Advisory Network-Asia (PFAN-Asia).

Event Speakers

Welcome Remarks

Vikrom Kromadit, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AMATA Corporation Public Company Limited Download the presentation here

Session 4: Scene Setting – Opportunities and Challenges in Scaling up Clean Energy Investment in Asia

Michael Waldron, Renewable Energy Markets Analyst, International Energy Agency

Download the presentation here

Session 4: Scene Setting – Opportunities and Challenges in Scaling up Clean Energy Investment in Asia

Lars Kvale, Managing Director, APX, Inc.

Download the presentation here

Challenges and Solutions: Peer-to-Peer Learning: Public Sector

Wathanyu (Num) Amatayaku Energy Policy Expert, USAID Clean Power Asia

Download the presentation here

Matthew Ogonowski Global Climate Change Specialist, USAID Global Climate Change Office

Download the presentation here

Jenny Heeter, Senior Energy Analyst, NREL

Download the presentation here

Session 7.2: Challenges and Solutions: Peer-to-Peer Learning: Private Sector

Lars Kvale, Managing Director at APX, Inc

Download the presentation here

Session 9: Tools and Resources to Unlock Clean Energy Investment to Achieve Corporate and Country Goals

Mikell O’Mealy, Activity Manager, USAID CEADIR

Download the presentation here

Top six results and findings from the Workshop,
  • Increased public-private sector engagement is essential in order to achieve country targets and corporate goals for clean energy investment and development.
  • Private sector leaders are increasing their investments in clean energy and are committed to investing at scale
  • Government action is necessary to enable private sector investment at scale
  • Private sector capital will move into those markets with strong enabling environments for clean energy investment
  • Open dialogue between private and public sector leaders resulted in new relationships and action-oriented collaborations
  • The workshop by USAID served as an effective and needed neutral platform for the private and public sectors to discuss priority needs and opportunities
Download the report here.